Amcor Flexibles receives two Mars Chocolate quality awards

Amcor Flexibles receives two Mars Chocolate quality awards van Amcor Flexibles

Door: Amcor Flexibles  04-06-2009
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The Mars Chocolate quality programme was introduced in 2006 and supports the company's commitment to and investment in quality. It is based on non-conformance results which are linked to factors that cause major issues in quality. The two QFI awards have been presented to Amcor Flexibles Helio Folien, Germany, for best performing site and to Amcor Flexibles for best performing flexible supplier.

"The Mars quality awards are a culmination of several years of hard work by Amcor Flexibles. The Amcor teams in our plants are dedicated to continuously improving quality for Mars. The benefit is not only the recognition of the award but in today's market place it is imperative that we differentiate ourselves from the competition and good quality is the benchmark for developing value," explains Dudley Jones, Strategic Account Director at Amcor Flexibles.

These accolades add to awards we have won in the past. In 2006 we received the Mars Quality Focus Initiative Award in the categories 'Best Performing Site' and 'Most Improved Site'. This industry recognition is a clear demonstration of Amcor's ongoing commitment to quality.

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