See the beans with Amcor DeMetXP

See the beans with Amcor DeMetXP van Amcor Flexibles

Door: Amcor Flexibles  10-07-2009
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"We were working on a new design for our whole beans coffee pack and wanted to create a fresher look without compromising on barrier properties. Amcor DeMetXP allowed us to differentiate our Espresso pack from our competitors and to respond to consumers' desire to see the product inside the pack. Thanks to Amcor's packaging innovation we maintain the quality and rich aroma of our coffee beans with our new pack," explains Harald Hope, Production Manager at Kaffehuset Friele.

The new Friele Espresso pack is gravure printed and a special demetallising process transferes part of the film into a transparent window. The print is laminated with a clear film, which adds that extra gloss effect to the window. All these elements create a coffee pack that stands out on the shelf and maintains its excellent shelf life properties.

Amcor DeMetXP can be applied for a wide range of products and creates product visibility and on-shelf differentiation in markets where decoration is a unique selling point, such as coffee, chocolate, sugar confectionery and snack foods. We are proud that this is the first time it has been used for coffee packaging. Amcor DeMetXP allows any shape or size of window and can be used in conjunction with other Amcor packaging innovations.

So next time when you are longing for your well deserved cup of coffee, choose Friele Espresso and see the beans.

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