Door: Buzzispace  15-01-2009
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Three new products that Alain Berteau designed for the German mail-order company Magazin, are now put on the market by because they perfectly fit into the trade mark’s philosophy: transform our office into a cosy living space, or on the other hand, transform our house into a practical workplace.
Furthermore, the designer from Brussels created for another new product for the office that will be revealed at the Salone Del Mobile 2009. 
Three new innovations that are, with their looks, user-friendliness, multifunctional usage and ecological character, a good criterion for the objects of tomorrow.

1. BuzziStool
Well known kick step becomes trendy accessory for the living space
The basic principle for the three new products that Alain Berteau designed earlier on for Magazin and that are now put on the market by, is to reinvent well known, daily used objects.
Alain Berteau: “Everyone knows the kick step, a kind of stool with casters that roll smoothly and retract when weight is applied. You often see it in supermarkets or libraries to allow people to take something off the top shelves. Well, since we often need a step in our house or office to, for example, take something from the top kitchen cabinet, to replace a light or to consult a book that stands on the highest shelf, I started thinking that there must be a way to give that kick step a more contemporary look.”
Alain created for this ancient kick step an eco friendly and acoustic fabric jacket in bright colours which will be put on the market by
“The advantage is that you now have a step which can be used to grab things that are up high; as well as a comfortable stool with casters and a soft cushion to sit on. You can move it and use it where needed. The casters retract when weight is applied on it.” An easy but nonetheless brilliant idea that transforms something well known into a wanted object for the living space, as well as for the office and conference room.

2. BuzziFile
Traditional ring binder receives trendy facelift

The best designs are those of which you think: why hasn’t anyone else invented that yet? Such a product is the ‘Buzzifile’ from Alain Berteau, it gives you a spontaneous aha-experience. The designer transformed an object that everyone uses daily – and is considered to be ugly- into something beautiful and user-friendly.
The ‘Buzzifile’ is an eco friendly fabric jacket with a zipper which you can use to cover any ordinary grey A4 ring binder to give it more life, colour and tactile sensation. Alain Berteau: “At home, ring binders are often put out of sight because they don’t fit into the interior. Not very logical if you consider the fact that more and more people integrate a library into their living space. The ring binders often contain information that we use on a daily basis; why hide them?” Thanks to the ‘Buzzifile’, you can cover all your ring binders with a bright colour
so that they look gorgeous next to your expensive photograph albums. ‘The Buzzifile’ has a zipper so that the ring binder can be used as a briefcase while walking on the street. In other words, you can not only use it as an organizer for your paperwork, on the inside of the fabric jacket is also room for your ball pens and business cards. The fabric and zipper are keeping everything in place,” smiles the designer. The ‘Buzzifile’ does not only inject more colour into your homes, at the office it can add more colour to those long rows of ring binders; which instantly creates an inspiring environment.

3. BuzziPouf
When package becomes designobject

A cylinder made of stainless steel which is in the industry used to transport fragile goods, became the basis of the new ‘Buzzipouf’. Alain: “By coincidence, I discovered a cylinder which is not only being produced ecologically –even the glue is eco friendly-but is also known for its unbreakable character.”
The designer created a removable fabric cover with cushion for this cylinder which transforms this industrial container into a comfortable pouf or low table. “The great advantage of this product is that the package becomes the object. The cover is being transported inside the solid container and when ‘putting things together’, you only have to put the cover onto the cylinder.”
Besides having a large, comfortable pouf, you can also put a lot of stuff in it. As our homes keep shrinking, the ‘Buzzipouf’ creates extra storeroom as well as an extra seat for your guests. It is a perfect example of how a pure practical and industrial product becomes a durable, multifunctional object for our living spaces. “The ‘Buzzipouf’ can also be used at the office to arrange uncoventional conference rooms or a cosy coffee-corner. VISITED by Alain Berteau, situated in Antwerp and with its ‘Buzziscreen’ winner of the prestigious ‘Design At Work 08 Award’ that was given away at the Interior ’08 show in Kortrijk, launches out a unique collaboration with the Belgian top designer Alain Berteau.

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