Dienstverlening 4Vision Marketing uitgebreid

Door: 4vision Marketing  19-04-2007

The service package of 4Vision Marketing has expanded dramatically over the last months. Especially the scale up and manufacturing portfolio of services has been completed to cover expertise in all host systems. A new addition to the services is the portfolio on preclinical services covering a broad range of in vitro and animal models. 4Vision Marketing brings buyers and sellers of advanced technology services together. We do not execute these services ourselves but work with partners who are experts in their field and focussed on a limited number of specialist services. 4Vision Marketing offers specialists drug discovery and drug development services to European pharma & biotech companies. The scale up and manufacturing services cover; early stage scale up, cell line development & bioprocess development. Also manufacturing of clinical batches and production on industrial scale for mammalian systems, bacteria, fungi, yeast and virus are covered. Our service partner ExcellGene (Monthey, Switzerland)can produce 1gram of purified protein (mammalian system) within one month! Our newest service partners bring expertise in microbial systems; Artes Biotechnology (Erkrath, Germany) and IMEnz Bioengineering (Groningen, The Netherlands). Protein labelling Innovation (Leiden, The Netherlands) and ProtEra (Sesto Fiorentina, Italy) have development experience for specific proteins like GPCR’s and MMP’s. The 4Vision Marketing preclinical services are now organized in a coherent portfolio. Our partners cover in vivo and in vitro testing on a whole range of animal models organized per disease area. Of course also in vitro metabolism work, toxicology and various other analytical services are included. Our service partners Cerebricon (Kuopio, Finland), Origenis (Martinsried, Germany), Rephartox (Lelystad, The Netherlands) and StratiCell (Gembloux, Belgium) unite preclinical expertise sought for by many companies. Our service partner Vivomicx (Groningen, The Netherlands) provides a unique service allowing detailed analyses of the molecular make up of predestined cell subsets in their physiological and pathophysiological conditions in vivo. For more information on the various portfolios please contact Jan Zuidema of 4Vision Marketing at [email protected]