International Play Concepts, the European main supplier of kid's corners

International Play Concepts, the European main supplier of kid's corners van International Play Concepts B.V.

Door: International Play Concepts B.V.  15-08-2008
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The “base” of our company, the creativity to turn your wishes and concepts into custom made kids corners and play systems, makes us one of the best in our branch.

Retail flows through our vains …

Through our professionality and vision we can turn wishes of our customers into the most magnificent projects. With our wide range of different products we can fit in every specific situation a suitable solution. We don’t make a difference in small or large projects…

International Play Concepts is a company with people that really knows what goes around in the business of kids corners and play systems.
Through our dedicate experience we know what really matters the national and international markets of retail food, non-food, fastfood and non-profit and daycare market.

We give you personal advises, make custom designs and do installation if necessary. We got a complete range solutions up to 1 square meter, wall mounted or stand alone, for kids between 2 and 15 years old.
Our educational kids corners including interactive playcomputers, playmodules, beadstables and themewalls. Products are original made in Canada, Germany and in The Netherlands.So that’s why we say, our products have a high quality standard. Basic materials are high density wood, stainless steel and powdercoated steel. All products are TUV/CE certified. Because we only use of high quality materials to make sure that your kids corner will be solid for heavy duty and lasts for years.

Despite International Play Concepts is a young and dynamic company we’re proud to tell you that some well known large retail organizations have chosen for our solutions that we create for them.

Creativity, the finest details, safety, service, top quality products and our dedication to your branch makes International Play Concepts a company that is way off to the rest!

Challenge us, and let us make the right solutions for you.

                                                         Enjoy Our World!

Please visit our website for more details.

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