Grand Koffieshop Repelsteeltje, chess tournament

Grand Koffieshop Repelsteeltje, chess tournament van Repelsteeltje Grand Koffieshop

Door: Repelsteeltje Grand Koffieshop  12-05-2009

Welcome and enjoy the Repelsteeltje event actions! On the 24th of may 2009 we organise the Grand Koffieshop Repelsteeltje Chess tournament! Everybody is welcome to enjoy and join the tournament with great rewards! As a part of our BD we perform a chess tournament within the Repel. There will be a participation fee of €3,- as well as a mind blowing reward for the first 3 winners.We will offer hot waffels with cherry, choclate and cream between €2,- and €3,-. For participating in the tournament you just have to go to Repel and sign in, a list will be accessable to first 12 competitors. We hope to see you all on the 24th of may!

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