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Door: Hamed  21-03-2008
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U are looking to rent or buy a house in the Netherlands?
Housing in Holling would be the perfect guide for u. It contains a lot of information about renting and buying a house. One of the greatest challenge u have to stand up to is the question you have to answer yourself. Rent or Buy?

Connie Moser takes a look at 'Housing in Holland' an essential read to help you on your way. Housing in Holland Understanding the Dutch property market will help you put things in perspective, both historically and in the current market, although such knowledge won't necessarily make your house-hunting any less frustrating. Those with subsidised housing tend not to move onwards, and demand far outweighs supply. Students are pushed to rent rooms slightly larger than a shoebox for ridiculous fees, the younger generation of workers find it nearly impossible to secure reasonably priced accommodation and starters looking to purchase their first home are often forced to compete in a lottery draw to even be allowed to buy.
Particularly in the larger cities, this translates into higher prices across the board. Add to that the non-delivery of adequate new homes on schedule coupled with continued lack of space and you start to understand how tight the market is.

Housing in Holland was written to help guide the English-speaking foreigner through the process of renting or purchasing a house or apartment.
The well-researched references combined with clear, informative text and photographs makes Housing in Holland 2.0 an invaluable guide for the home-hunter. Sample options are presented and the issues people face when buying or renting properties are described and simplified.
After all life is hard enough as it is and we do not need all the problems later.

Expatriates can always rely on the services of housing agencies to assist them in finding a rented accommodation, however a two-month deposit plus a finders-fee of one month’s rental plus 19 percent BTW for the estate agent makes even getting started an investment. The book also warns of things like illegal sub-letting, scams, temporary contracts, unreasonable demands, your rights as a renter and what to do if you face problems with untrustworthy landlords. The many Dutch abbreviations used in newspaper advertisements to save space as well as common house-hunting vocabulary are given along with a generous list of reputable letting agents and website portals for real estate. Even room rentals and houseboats are included.

Expatriates often wonder if they should purchase or rent. In light of the hard-to-predict Dutch housing market, it’s not an easy choice. Renters can minimise their risks: the monthly rent is fixed and with a diplomatic clause included in the rental contract, occupancy can be terminated within two months. There’s also no worry about maintenance costs or insuring the property. Purchasing a house however, can be tax beneficial. Even though some 10 percent above the purchase price will go for deed transference; notary and estate agent fees there are certain costs which can be deducted – such as mortgage interest.

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