A Dutch new project of 1800 Ha called BITUNG DEVELOPMENT

A Dutch new project of 1800 Ha called BITUNG DEVELOPMENT van Bitung Development Consortium

Door: Bitung Development Consortium  31-07-2009
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BITUNG DEVELOPMENT, a new development project in Indonesia, with the possibility to build you own house or business, this project starts now, so it is ‘the moment’ to get involved.


The nature, the diving possibilities, the strategic geographical position, the growth of Bitung and the political stability of Sulawesi make this area a target of potential business centers and investments. The Consortium expects that the land price will be at the level of other places on Sulawesi or close to the prices on Bali, delivering a 400% potential investment gain. While prices are already going up the current level is extremely interesting for investors, but at the same time also for individuals who want to own a property as their home or a holiday home.
The consortium is now looking for individuals and businesses who want to invest in individual plots or start smaller projects. You will see the description of the investment possibilities.

Interest for the region comes from the need of housing of the growth in Bitung area, the international workers of foreign companies, the fast growing Tourism business based on diving and water sports, and retirement houses for the remigration of Indonesians.

Once selected for a coconut plantation, the 1800 Hectares of land will now be developed for tourism. The development plan for this area is 7 years, at this moment 600 Hectares are sold to two investors, who are developing their plans, another 300 Hectares are under investigation with two other investors. The plan will reserve the nature as one of the important elements, as you can read 3 plantations will temporarily be in place for saving trees, thousands of new trees will be planted to fill the empty spots, large parks and hiking tracks will be developed. The property will have their own organization for Wildlife, maintenance of parks and ponds, and service to the individual properties.

The land can be owned based on the Indonesian legal construction or leased, a new construction developed for this property, including the fee for the land as well as a maintenance fee for the private property, and a service fee.

The Bitung Development area covers three plans, Bitung Hills, Bitung Wald and Bitung Beach, each around 600 Hectares. The development, includes in its master plan; a large Golf area, with possibility for several Golf courses and Hotels, a Horseback riding area, hiking and bike tracks, 7-8 Hotels and resorts, many Restaurants, 2 Marina’s, 6 projects with Housing direct on the water, diving and water sports, a school, retirement homes and medical facilities.
Already, some of the Hotel groups have expressed interest in joining the Development, and the Development Manager further plans to invite some of the top restaurants to invest and manage the restaurants. Some key factors in the development of the Tourism Estate is the completion of the extension at Sam Ratulangi International Airport. Subsequently, more flights from Japan to Bali may be allowed (and encouraged) to stop over in Manado. Also the development of the smaller airport at Lembeh Island will bring Tourists faster to the location, larger docks and piers will bring the cruise ships to the region.

On the industrial side building facilities are planned directly on the development property, a temporarily stone pressing facility will be build, a timber factory to manufacture parts of the houses. In total the plan will create 30.000 jobs in the region with an extra 20.000 jobs during the building peak. All houses will have their own energy and water supply, in the energy and environmental plan we describe the special facilities of windmills and thin solar cells, water purification systems to make pure drinking water, the region has its own spring water.

Special nature attractions, The WATERFALL and HOT springs.
Located in Bitung Hills, this natural 60 m waterfall is an ideal place to enjoy nature and fresh water pools at the base of the falls, just on the Beach next to the Waterfront Hotel is a Hot Spring. The plan is to connect the Hot Spring to the Hotel to develop a Beach-Spa Resort.

The plans described below covering the total Bitung Development area. In total 1800 Ha. Below are listed some of the potential business opportunities. For more information about the opportunities and procedures for doing business with Bitung Development Consortium, please fill the contact form or contact directly:

The Netherlands:
Cornelis Heesbeen,
[email protected]
Friz Kok,
[email protected]

Djuni Iskandar,
tel +62 81218727208
[email protected]
Judy Maslomans
[email protected]

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