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Door: Univacco Foils Holland  05-10-2011
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Cooperation between manroland and Univacco Printing systems manufacturer and foil specialist in the Netherlands form a new partnership. Enhancing print products with cold foil is very popular now. For many years, manroland has worked continuously on optimizing the technology and expanding the range of applications. Cold foil enhancement with the ROLAND InlineFoiler Prindor belongs among the most spectacular inline enhancement processes on the market today. New foil for attention-grabbing print results Now manroland and foil manufacturer Univacco Foils Holland BV have developed a new type of foil that together with selected system components from manroland’s printcom product portfolio provides outstanding results. Especially with cold foiling, the combination of high-quality materials and products is a prerequisite for premium enhancement. Even the slightest variation in the quality of individual components can have detrimental effects on the print result. In order to achieve higher and more consistent quality, and to expand the range of applications, manroland has put together packages of perfectly coordinated printcom system components for different applications: cold foil, printing blankets, adhesive ink, fountain solution, washing agents, conventional ink, and coating. The manroland Print Technology Center in Offenbach played a major role in developing the brand new foil from printcom and Univacco that achieves amazing results and is already being used in the field at selected customers under real production conditions. Furthermore, printcom offers local support by experts all over the world. The new partner: Univacco Foils Holland BV Univacco Foils Holland BV in Huissen is the European headquarters of the listed company Univacco Technology Inc. in Taiwan. Univacco was established in 1990 and for some years now is one of the global market leaders in the development and production of hot stamping and cold stamping foils, as well as foils for special effects. The cooperation agreement between manroland and Univacco initially covers joint development and sales activities in the field of cold foil. Expansion of the cooperation in the future to include other areas such as hot stamping foils cannot be ruled out. © Univacco Foils Holland BV.

Trefwoorden: coldfoils, Foil, Hotstamping Foil, Koud Folie, SEF folie,

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