Micro CHP – what the consumer wants

Door: Smart Power Foundation  03-04-2009
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Consumer-driven micro CHP discussions in Brussels on 21-22 April.

Europe’s thriving micro CHP sector is leading the field in technology innovation bringing cogeneration within reach of individual consumers. At COGEN Europe’s Annual Conference in Brussels the Smart Power Foundation (SPF) will present the latest developments in the leading market of the Netherlands. As manufacturers in Europe gear up for volume production, the real desires and benefits of the consumer are debated among the various different market models.

Henk Sijbring, chairman of SPF, said ‘Our mission is to enlarge the market chances for micro and mini CHP and thereby related electricity generating condensing boilers as a possible successor of the high efficiency boiler. We are making progress, but there is still a lot to do. The conference can bring parties closer to reach our goals.”

The SPF is working on a carefully planned, large-scale introduction of the electricity-generating condensing boiler (HRe®), a micro CHP system which will reduce energy costs compared to the current high efficiency boiler and which will help realise considerable CO2 reductions.

The COGEN Europe Annual Conference is the world’s largest annual cogeneration event. The conference takes place on 21-22 April in Brussels and showcases the impressive range of applications for cogeneration and the huge benefits it brings to Europe in fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction. In a year of huge financial challenge and serious concerns around energy security, the conference focuses on why cogeneration is an essential strategic choice for Europe.

The COGEN Europe Recognition Awards ceremony will honour those who have most contributed to the sector across Europe and will precede the Conference Dinner on the evening of 21 April. More info on: http://www.cogeneurope.eu/2009/02/cogen-europe-annual-conference/

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