10.000% more pageviews for Cineversity.TV

10.000% more pageviews for Cineversity.TV van Cineversity.tv

Door: Cineversity.tv  25-07-2009
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Nice that all the hard work of the past four years finally bears fruit now. The number of page views in the past three months shot up more than 10,000% , as well as the reach of Cineversity.TV, which in the past three months increased by more than 920%.
Nice to report that each unique visitor stays 18 minutes on our website, 65% are new visitors.
It seems a good moment for us to give people the opportunity to advertise with a flash banner on our website, there is also the possibility for prerolls of up to 15 seconds.
If you want to check, google alexa .. click on site info and fill in cineversity.tv. By clicking on the tabs, you get a nice insight into the latest developments.

We will give you substantial discount on the advertisements to celebrate the latest developements.
Thisdiscount is valid until August 14, 2009. You can contact Cineversity.TV by mail or phone

M.v.gr P.W Baltink
Director Cineversity.TV

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