Cineversity.TV exists three years!

Cineversity.TV exists three years! van

Door:  22-10-2008


Dear editors,

Cineversity.TV Friday, October 24, 2008 three years in existence!
In total the site has had over 11 million hits with more than
300,000 unique visitors from more than 70 countries.
The content is currently supplied from all around the world.
So far, more than 650 inter(national) artists and performers around
the whole world have supported the initiative with W.I.P or finished projects,
in the broadest sense of the word.

The artists who are already participated in the project are for instance

in random order; Stever (CA), Josh Burton

(Emmy Award 2006), Andy Murdock (Lots of Robots), Maarten

Hein Strasbourg (Gorillaz, The Mill), Ben Willis (Siggraph 2006),

DJ Joost van Bellen, Gore Fest, Zita Swoon, Lisa Vegas

(Roskilde), Deus (Roskilde), Ryuichi Sakamoto (J), DJ Hell,

Martine Rademakers (NL), Wighnomy Brothers (DE), Poni Hoax (F)

C-mon & Kypski (NL), The Infadels (UK), WhomadeWho, The Long

Winters (USA), Ozark Henry (B), Pete Philly & Perquisite (NL)

Parkside, Roger Waters (UK), VENCE (NL), Tomek Baginski (PO)

Calvin Harris (UK), Ballroom Quartet (winner Rock Vonk 2007)

and many many others.

Cineversity.Tv is now a TV / Radio station where known and
lesser-known musicians, animators, theater, dance, cabaret,
designers, photographers and other creative people work together on
a new sound and vision.
In addition, Cineversity.TV ahs some collaborations or
partnerships with magazines, online TV/radio stations
and is active in a number of communities.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Pi-Qui Baltink 050-7851824
Mobile tel 06 29606015
Barmaheerd 50
MH 9737