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Door:  10-09-2008

Climate change experiment BBC
2008-09-09 19:51:15

Climate change experiment by BBC

The experiment was launched to calculate a precise prediction what effect climate change will have on our environment. In total 259,700 users in 171 countries took part in the experiment. From many thousands of models, patterns emerge. Some results will be wildly inaccurate and predict warming or cooling outside what the Earth is likely to see. But if a significant percentage of results fall within a smaller range, the researchers can get a feel for how the climate might be changing. To see the results follow this link

Consequences of these climate changes

The changes are not only in sea-levels, the permafrost is melting and releases billions of tonnes methane into the atmosphere, dangerous viruses who have been hibernating in the soil will be released again into the atmosphere. Spreading of new disseases, food shortages worldwide. Release of methane from the oceans by a worldwide temperature rise of 2 to 4 degrees. It means that human civilisation might be extinct as several other species in a decade