European music chart started by

European music chart started by van

Door:  29-01-2009
Trefwoorden: Radio, Watch, Cineversity worked for a long time on a independent chart for new music. Finally we created a system in PHP that gives an independent overview over whats hot and whats not in the current music scene.. Together with new  Tv and radio-stations worldwide who are not satisfied with the current charts, asking questions about the truth of these lists promoted by the record companies and old TV and radio, Cineversity.Tv decided that this had to change.
Cineversity.Tv believes that the current polls do not really reflect what music people like, it is more a promotiontool for the current recordcompanies. This must change.
So we ask all new and upcoming artists to send in their works in music, animation, hiphop, urban, rock, pop..or other works.
You know YouSendit?
Send songs in at least 128 kbits MP3. Send bio and pics in Digital format. Best Quality Video possible.  We have two emailaddresses: max 20 Mb attachment

or send CD DVD  to:


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