More than 10.000 pageviews average a day

Door:  24-11-2008
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Press Release

Cineversity.TV more than 10.000 pageviews average a day.

Visits are rising, in the last 3 months they have doubled on the website.  Pageviews have risen over 10.000 pageviews a day, hits to 15.000 average day.

Cineversity.TV is the new channel for digital art, music and film made with artists all over the world. Artists who have submitted there work are:

Josh Burton (Emmy Award 2006)USA, Andy Murdock (Lots of Robots)USA, Maarten Heinstra (Gorillaz, The Mill)NL, Ben Willis (Siggraph 2006)USA, Marco Spitone (Code Guardian) IT,  Martine Rademakers(TVMan) NL, Christopher Mullins(Blue) FR, Alexis van der Haeghe( Stiltwalkers)B,Henning Basler(Visiting Friends) GER, Keith Lango(USA), Tomek Baginski(POL),Yann Jouette(FR) and many others


Parkside(NL), Roger Waters(UK), VENcE(NL),DJ Joost van Bellen(NL), Gorefest(NL), Zita Swoon (Pinkpop)(B), Lisa Vegas (Roskilde)DEN, Deus(Roskilde)B, Ryuichi Sakamoto(J), Wighnomy Brothers(GER), Poni Hoax(FR), C-mon&Kypski(NL), The Infadels(UK),Kosheen(UK) WhomadeWho(DEN), The Long Winters(USA), Ozark Henry(B), Luie Hond(NL), Pete Philly&Perquisite(NL), Flyleaf(USA),Black Arc(UK),Death Cab for Cutie(USA),Erik Mongrain(CAN)......

Jan CleveringaAUS),Jean-Marc Rulier(FR), Kreestal(FR),Noah(Japan), Jeff Burgess(USA)...

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