VENcE DVD is out

VENcE DVD is out van

Door:  03-06-2009
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VENcE DVD is out
2009-06-03 08:14:38
Vence, Raspberry Animation and Cineversity.TV have realized this cooperation project. After the well received EP "The Beggar's Butler, who was almost three weeks at number 1 in the Lowlands top 25, and later rose to number 6 on the charts of Musicfrom.NL, finally the DVD is ready and for sale. Raspberry Animation, known for their animation work for TMF and MTV networks, and also the winner of the New York and Los Angeles International Independent Filmmakers Festival, was inspired enough to make the animations on the DVD.. Cineversity TV (, registered at different locations and edited a number of tracks VENCE selected. The story of the songs and the associated animations tell the story of Vence and their vision of the world. It invites you as a listener into the house of Vence, in which every room in the house represents a song, the lyrics are critical of today's society, but never lose the personal aspect. It is worth noting that the title has some connections to the situation as it is now happening in the world, with corrupt bank managers governments etcetera
Pi-Qui Baltink and Jos de Vries

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