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Door: Heaven Of Sounds  10-05-2007
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Investing in new talent is possible by buying shares from an artist or band. The invested money will be used to produce a new album. Every shareholder will get this album for free, but even more interesting is the 40% of the sales profit that will be shared by the investors. If bands like U2 had worked with this concept, their investors would be millionaires right now.

The intention of the website is supporting new talent, with the ‘love for music’ as a first priority. The newly registered artists or bands can make it to the top 100 list by the number of downloads of their fans. This way, more attention will be drawn to the musicians, leading to more interested investors. Besides bands and artists with potential will be promoted to radio stations and other music organisations. is just started and has already ten thousands hits per day with more than one hundred bands and artists. An ambitious Bart Zetstra; it is only a matter of time before the first talent will break through at


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