Introductie FUJIFILM DLTtape® S4

Introductie FUJIFILM DLTtape® S4 van Fujifilm Recording Media Nederland

Door: Fujifilm Recording Media Nederland  26-03-2007

“Competitive businesses today rely on real-time, digital information assets which require more stringent management in the face of regulatory mandates for securing and restoration of that data,” said Wolfgang May, Director European Sales & Marketing, FUJIFILM Recording Media GmbH “IT departments are looking for reliable, cost-effective and proven data tape storage solutions like DLTtape® S4 to meet the challenges of managing their ever-increasing amount of digital data.”

By leveraging Quantum’s DLTSage™ WORM capabilities, this storage solution can help meet legal and regulatory compliance needs, while DLTSage™ Tape Security features prevent unauthorized access to data.

Fujifilm DLTtape® S4 media uses proprietary Fujifilm ATOMM (Advanced Super Thin-layer & High Output Metal Media) thin-film magnetic coating technology to deliver native capacity of 800 GB and supports drive transfer speeds of up to 60 MB a second (1.6 TB capacity and 120 MB/sec at 2:1 compression).

The media incorporates a nonmagnetic lower layer with an ultra-thin upper layer of high-energy metal particles applied simultaneously to a base film. The result is extremely low self-demagnetization, increased high-frequency output and significantly higher recording density. In addition, the new tape cartridges incorporate several technology advances, including:

* Advanced Tape-Slitting Mechanics. Developed by Fujifilm engineers, this process increases the precision of the “slitting” blades necessary to create the half-inch tape reels from master rolls. This critical quality factor maintains consistent tape edge - resulting in uniformly packed tape in every cartridge, which ensures smooth tape feed through the drive;

* Enhanced high-polymer binder. Unique binders in combination with unique magnetic particles result in increased durability of tape; and

* Highly Engineered Cartridge. An enhanced mechanism in the cartridge helps prevent accidental pin deformation from shock or vibration and maintains consistent record/playback, even after rigorous use.

Fujifilm engineers continuously apply new discoveries in science to the company’s mastery of thin-coating technology and manufacturing excellence to meet the increasingly stringent data storage and archival needs of today’s IT infrastructure.
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Fujifilm DLTtape® S4 cartridges will be available through key Fujifilm reseller partners beginning in April. Additional information can be found at


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