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Door: Belucia Leather  05-08-2011
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BELUCIA is a luxury brand of the company Belucia Leather, which was founded in 2008 in Limbricht, Netherlands, (nearby  the German border).

The leading figure and founder of this company is the designer Monique Coumans and has been working for over 20 years in the fashion industry. During this time she has learned a lot regarding Fashion & Designing and acquired extensive experience and recognition in the fashion world. With great passion and dedication, she designs trendy luxury leather handbags and wallets, for women who only want something special.

BELUCIA designs one collection per year in a wide range of styles and offers women a large selection of handbags and wallets in various types of leathers and colors. Exclusivity, leather goods and hardware of excellent quality, precision, attention to detail and fair prices - those are the keywords of the brand BELUCIA: Always a symbol of elegance and unique, timeless Italian design.

Each product is handmade, always with a keen eye on the selection of very high quality materials. BELUCIA Luxury Handbags & Wallets are made with the softest, finest and most luxurious leather available, specially selected from the best tanneries in Italy, France and the United States. All bags and wallets are made in limited editions: The customer will always get a unique and very exclusive article.

Leather Belucia assures you for 100%: You will never be dissatisfied with your purchase and the good service we offer. You will still have many years of enjoyment from your purchase. 

To own a BELUCIA handbag or Wallet is to know that some things exist beyond the trends, the fads, the flavors of the month; that luxury – real luxury – is defined by the test of time.


Dreaming of Luxury

Love the difference….


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