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Europees - Turkse projecten van TRIADA Consultancy

Door: TRIADA Consultancy  14-06-2011
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Title: The Euro-Turkish Banana Connection

Client: Alanya Banana Producers Union,

When: 2011 – 2012

Subject & TRIADA's role: In this project 30 banana producers and 6 traders are trained in Alanya in order to extend the shelf life of local bananas and make them become more competitive in the market. The trainings are held in accordance with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and ISO 22.000 standards. The participants will receive GAP and ISO certificates and this will create a basis for GlobalGAP standards. In addition, a delegation will visit the Canarian Islands that are a leading producer in the European market and best practices in banana production will be exchanged between the two regions. TRIADA found the international partner and wrote the project in coordination with all stakeholders.

Fund: EU Civil Society Dialogue-II, Agriculture & Fisheries Grant Scheme, 113.680 €

Title: ALTSO Voc-Test Centre: Standards at Work, Quality in Business

Client: Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO),

When: March 2011 – January 2013

Subject:This project contributes to the establishment of testing and certification systems that match with the requirements and needs of the labour market for the hotel sector, promotes personal and vocational development to enhance the quality of the sector and strengthens the National Qualifications System (NQS) in order to harmonize with European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Within this project the ”ALTSO Voc-Test Centre” is established; the TURKAK “Personnel Certification Accreditation” and VQA “Testing and Certification” authorization are obtained for housekeeping and front desk employees; standards for three professions (front desk level 2 housekeeping level 3 & 4) are prepared and placed within the National Qualifications System (NQS) exams and evaluation criteria for floor manager level 6, front desk manager level 6, laundry staff level 2 are prepared and 90 housekeeping and front desk employees of hotels attend a testing and certification process that leads to certification of their professional knowledge & skills.

The final goal is that ALTSO will become a leader organisation in the region for developing and fulfilling occupational qualifications and an increased awareness of stakeholders in tourism of the National Qualification System.

Total budget: 280.650 €

Fund: European Commission VOC-Test Centres Grant Scheme 252.585 €


Client: Europen Centre for Eco Agro Tourism (ECEAT)

When: November 2010 – November 2013Subject: Sustainability in tourism can only be achieved if tourism suppliers, tour operators and Eco-label collaborate with each other. European tour operator associations recently introduced a sustainable management and assessment system among their members, called Travelife. This, in combination with the introduction of the EU Eco-label for accommodations provides a breaking opportunity to implement joint approaches and actions between the travel sector and EU sustainability instruments.

The INTOUR project aims to integrate the voluntary environmental and certification instruments of the EU in the travel industry. The commitment of 11 major European travel associations and leading tour operators guarantees an effective way to increase the share of “sustainable products” within the tourism market. The market led approach ensures a European wide implementation of sustainability standards and tools among 12.000 hotels. This will increase the amount of EU Eco-label/ Travelife certified hotels all over Europe. Specific emphasis is put on 3 pilot destinations; Turkey, Austria and Italy. The contracted hotels of tour operators are motivated towards certification through a common approach by tour operators, the EU Eco-label competent bodies and if possible local certification schemes. In Turkey, Alanya is the pilot destination and the coordination is carried out by ALTSO and TRIADA.

Total budget: 1.600.000 €

Fund: EU Competitiveness & Innovation Programme, Eco - Innovation Grant Scheme, 800.000 €

Title: Sustainable Tourism Meetings

Client: Netherlands Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (ANVR),

When: September 2010 – November 2013

Subject: The main purpose of the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (, is to integrate sustainability into commodity supply chains from emerging markets which are sold to Western Europe. Tourism is one of the eight focus areas. Eight Dutch tour operators are working with the ANVR and IDH to increase the sustainability of tourist destinations in Turkey, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Thailand and Brazil. Their accommodations are stimulated to introduce ‘Travelife’, an international sustainability system developed by the sector for the sector.

For Turkey, the 2010 aim was to identify and bring together key stakeholders and hotels from major tourism destinations for meetings on why and how to implement sustainability principles into accommodation businesses. The meetings that were organised in Istanbul in September and in Antalya and Alanya in November, also got the interest from other relevant stakeholders like the Turkish government, the private sector and non-governmental organisations for giving input for future projects to tackle the identified bottle necks in sustainability. The project is implemented by ANVR. TRIADA is responsible for the organisation of the meetings and communication in Turkey. This project and the INTOUR project will be integrated from 2011 onwards.

Fund: Dutch government, 725.000 €

Boomerang - From Youth to Youth

Clients: City Dynamics Group & Dosemealti Municipality,

When: November 2011 – July 2012Subject:The main goal of this project is to establish an “educational bridge” between students from the Akdeniz University and high school students aged between 15-20 living in Dosemealti and facing economic disadvantages. 50 university students will give trainings on topics such as foreign languages, mathematics, geometry, classical guitar, theater, arts, etc. in order to support 150 youngsters for university entry exams. Besides, they will contribute to career development of these youngsters by career introduction days, “at the campus” events to introduce them to the campus life and other social activities. TRIADA wrote this project voluntarily within the principle of corporate social responsibility.

Funds: EU Youth Programme, 10.400 €

Title: Fun with My Puppets, Learn with My Teachers

Client: Pozanti Municipality,

When: October 2010 – October 2011
Subject:This project aims to: Establish a pre-school education centre for 36-60 months aged children in Pozantı County in Adana; implement a training model based on the combination of formal and non-formal education via puppet drama; educate a pilot group of 45 children in this centre; raise awareness of the parents about the development of their child(ren); increase the professional capacity of pre-school teachers from this centre and the neighbouring villages; establish a Mobile Puppet Bus in order to give information about the topic and provide free support from a specialist to the neighbouring villages and counties.

Fund: EU Strengthening Pre-school Education Grant Scheme, 82.507 €*

*The EU supported "Strengthening Pre-School Education" project started in March 2010. With a budget of €16.86 million and a duration of three years, the project is implemented by the Ministry of National Education with technical assistance from UNICEF. 75 EU-funded grant projects are implemented in 38 provinces in Turkey, aiming to promote quality and affordable pre-school education services for disadvantaged children and their families.

Title: Dutch Turkish Stage Project

Client: ECABO, National Body for Vocational Education & Training centres, &

Reference numbers: Various

When: 2006 - now

Subject & TRIADA's role: Set up and coordination of first long term project to connect young Dutch professionals with companies & hotels for traineeships in Turkey, Antalya and accompany them intensively during the work placement.

Funds:Leonardo da Vinci, Dutch Government, Companies, ECABO

Trefwoorden: Event Organisation, International, Matchmaking, Text Writing, Trainings, Translations