Green Heroes Help Save the World!

Green Heroes Help Save the World! van Between-us

Door: Between-us  07-10-2008
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Launch of the Green Heroes Sustainable Innovation Network

Breda, 7 October 2008 – Green Heroes: the place to share information, ideas and experience on sustainable innovation has been launched. The Green Heroes Sustainable Innovation Networkis a not for profit network that has been developed to share ideas on sustainable innovation and to connect green start ups with experienced professionals from across the globe. Together as Green Heroes they can help save the world by developing and improving green innovative products and services.

About Green Heroes, the Sustainable Innovation Network
Last year Venture Capital investments in clean technology in North America and Europe measured over $5.18 billion dollar: a clear signal that more and more entrepreneurs value CSR driven innovation. However, to develop green start ups into successful companies is not easy. Starters can use all the help they can get. Therefore Between-us in cooperation with GfK and Tias Nimbas introduces the Green Heroes Network to help green start ups to grow.

Professionals have a strong willingness to help our planet. This tendency already shows in existing networks such as Designers Accord, a sustainable code of conduct for designers, which has gathered over 100,000 members worldwide in less than 2 years to create positive environmental and social impact. Besides helping green start ups, the purpose of the Green Heroes is to share ideas, thoughts and experience on sustainable innovation, meet likeminded people both virtually and in real live and help each other on sustainable issues.

“Green Heroes connects the hot topic of value creation through sustainable innovation with the vast opportunities of an international online social network”, says Jan van der Kaaij, managing partner at Between-us.

How to become a Green Hero?
The Green Heroes Sustainable Innovation Networkis open for anyone to join and operates in both the virtual and the real world. One can become a Green Hero by accepting a digital invitation from a member or simply by clicking the sign-up button. Every Green Hero can contribute by posting information and inviting other Heroes in order to expand the network. Corporate partners such as GfK and Tias Nimbas help to make the network known to a broader audience and by providing relevant information.

There are two ways to connect:

1. Online, the web based social network facilitates the Heroes with content and functionality such as blog posts, videos and forum threats to share ideas and connect with each other.
2. In the real world the Green Heroes have 2 opportunities to meet and share ideas: whereas the Green Heroes Pitch is an exclusive, invitation only event for selected start ups and experienced professionals, the Green Heroes Gathering is a theme related event which is open to subscription for every Green Hero.

Green Heroes: the place to share information, ideas and experience on sustainable innovation. Join us and help save the world!  


More information on Green Heroes can be obtained via Emke Mol, Consultant at Between-us, (0031) (0)76 522 28 17 or  

Trefwoorden: Csr, Sustainability