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Breda, the Netherlands May 15, 2008 -- The 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) principle is rapidly gaining popularity. The uprise of innovative online applications makes traditional and expensive software unnecessary. Examples of successful web applications are video service YouTube and free music service To bring some structure and insight into the endless possibilities, the website has been launched. The goal of this website is to inform consumers as comprehensively as possible about all the possibilities SaaS web applications have to offer.

Worldwide Popularity
Because of the many advantages offered by web applications in comparison to traditional desktop software, the use of there applications are undergoing a global and explosive growth. Web applications can be accessed and used from any workstation equipped with a web browser, such as Internet Explorer. Hence, users are not constrained to one workstation for reading email or the editing and storing of text documents. "Both consumers and professional users can benefit tremendously from a transition to web-based applications," says Sytse Sijbrandij, co-founder of, "web-based applications are the future, for instance Microsoft is developing an online version of Microsoft Office."

Web Applications make Traditional Software Obsolete
In contrast to traditional software, web applications are often free to use and users to not have to deal with hassle such as installations, updates or workstations which freeze. Moreover, there are many services around, which allow users to share documents with other users, for example
Flickr for photo's, YouTube for videos and Google Docs for text documents.

Because all documents are stored on external servers, users do not run the risk of losing important documents when a workstation crashes. Co-founder of the website Jelle de Bruin: "web application users are no longer bound to the workstations at home or at work, instead they can access their documents whenever and where-ever they want." He adds: "through users can base their choice for a particular web application on the reviews published on this website."

Launch Comparison Website
Despite the advantages of online services as opposed to traditional software, many users are not fully aware of the possibilities offered by various applications. Moreover, new applications are launched every day. In order to make the choice for the application which suits the needs of a user and to stay up-to-date with the latest news, the website has been launched.

On this website, elaborate and independent reviews of web applications can be found. All applications are organized in categories such as "Blogging", "Personal Finance" and "Wiki Hosting".
The website is still being developed. Soon, tools will be added to create an interactive community around web-based applications. The goal is, to become the No. 1 online community in web applications. The website is developed by the internet startup
Comcoaster, founded by Sytse Sijbrandij and Jelle de Bruin.


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