LED armatuur speciaal voor warme regionen

LED armatuur speciaal voor warme regionen van Dutch Engineering & Innovation (DEI)

Door: Dutch Engineering & Innovation (DEI)  22-05-2011
Trefwoorden: Design, Engineering, Duurzame Energie

LED armatuur van high tech materialen, speciaal ontworpen voor warme regionen. Uiteraard werkt het armatuur zelfs nog beter in koelere streken.

LED technology has the promise of a long lifespan in combination with moderate power consumption


This is true, but only if the luminary is specially designed for led, with perfect thermal and electrical properties Our concepts are designed with longevity in mind.

Thermodynamic balance is one of the most important issues in developing led luminaries

Led light sources will lose half their lifespan with every 10 degrees Celsius raise in temperature of the Led. Therefore the heat sink is the first step in our designs, based on the local  average air-temperature

Trefwoorden: Ceramic injection molding, Design, Duurzame Energie, Engineering, Led, LED design, Led Verlichting,

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