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Door: Process Improvers Netherlands  20-04-2009

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  Special Edition: Newsflash AEO
Last week, the Dutch Ministry of Finance announced interesting news regarding the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification. As we want to keep you up to date of the latest developments in this field, you herewith receive this special AEO newsflash.

AEO-status more attractive:

In order to increase attrativeness of the AEO-status (Authorised Economic Operator) for Dutch industry in view of the current ecomic situation too, State Secretary De Jager of the Ministry of Finance decided to decrease guarantees for companies with with an AEO certificate. Read more...



AEO expert article:

Well over a year after introduction of the AEO-certificate, it is time to draw up the balance. Are we still at the right course? Or is it necessary to steer away? Noël Egberts and Stefan Hermes of the The European Compliance Network draw their conclusions. Read more...



Process Improvers AEO-poll:

We are interested in your opinion on what impact the above mentioned news will have on Dutch industry. Please click on the button to fill out our Process Improvers AEO-poll.

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