T-shu Auction 42

T-shu Auction 42 van Werockyoursocks.com By T-shu

Door: Werockyoursocks.com By T-shu  16-10-2008
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T-shu Auction starts at Friday 10-10-2008 at 10.10hr and ends at Friday 21-11-2008 at 21.11 hr ! 42 Euro’s Start Bid! We would like to give everybody the opportunity to grab a pair of deadstock Nike Air Max. This is your chance! Bidding and buying at T-shu Auction 42 is easy and safe. Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. You can place your bid by using our T-shu Auction 42 form online or you can visit T-shu store. Place a bid only if you really intend to buy the item! We will update placed bids at a hourly basis on : www.werockyoursocks.com/t-shu-auction-42. We will contact the highest bidder when the auction has ended. Payment and delivery can be made at T-shu store or trough our webshop Werockyoursocks.com. Do we have to say more ? Place your bid NOW @ T-shu Auction 42 !!! http://blog.t-shu.com/?page_id=1455

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