QL System 85W

QL System 85W van Ql Company

Door: Ql Company  13-10-2011
Trefwoorden: Lampen, Inductie Verlichting

QL induction lighting is used for professional, general and special lighting applications because of its unmatched durability and high luminous efficacy with excellent light quality. QL offers a nearly maintenance free operation and superior energy saving. Induction lighting systems have an unique long performance life up to 100,000 hours because there is no use of electrodes for the induction system. In many cases the systems lifetime is determined at 60,000 hours, which equals approximately 15 years based on 4000 burning hours per year.  

The major features of QL lamp systems, and their related benefits for the user, are:

Easy installation 
Good color rendering (Ra > 80) and choice of color temperature
Useful light immediately after switch on 
Easy to use as retrofit or in new construction applications 
Economic, environment-friendly lighting in situations with long burning hours
Zero maintenance costs

Dimmable to 50% 
Crisp white light with no color shift. 
Operates in hot and cold environments - amalgam control. 
High lumen efficiency - 85W QL features 12,000 initial lumens. 
Also available in 55 and 155 watts.  

Ideal for decorative street lighting, bridges and tunnels, hazardous areas, cold storage warehouses and hard-to-reach applications.  

Compliances and approvals 
Safety                                                     IEC 62532, IEC 61347-1 ,IEC 62471 
Performance                                            IEC 62639(in prep.), IEC 60929 
Quality standard                                       ISO 9001 
Environmental management system           ISO 14001 
Electromagnetic Compatibility                   EN 61000, EN 55015, EN 55022 
Vibration and (thermal)shocks                   IEC 60068

Trefwoorden: Inductie Verlichting, Lampen