Fusion, the open Hot & Cold Combi Display

Fusion, the open Hot & Cold Combi Display van FEConcepts

Door: FEConcepts  02-12-2013
Trefwoorden: Lunch, Snacks, Fusion

The Fusion is World’s first open front Hot & Cold display cabinet, designed as a cost effective solution for C-store and supermarket environments. The Fusion display cabinet offers your customers the opportunity for cross merchandising of heated and refrigerated products in one compact space. Fusion cabinets are ideal for aisle ends or point-of-sale impulse, helping you increase the sales of your customers and deliver consumers what they want, where they want it. Like all FPG products they have the best performances in power efficiency. The Fusion is a popular solution for Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Petrol stations, Deli stores, food outlets in shopping malls and food outlets at railway stations.

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