Newest Video Glasses Help Dental Patient to Relax

Newest Video Glasses Help Dental Patient to Relax van Relaxview

Door: Relaxview  08-07-2008
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Amsterdam, (PRWEB ) December 17, 2007 -- Going to the dentist is a stressful trip for most people. Four out of five suffer some form to severe distress in the dentist's chair, according to research. Although modern dentistry has become less and less painful, many patients suffer simply because there is not much else to do other than to focus on the pain...or the pain that might come. Distraction from this focus with video eyewear has already been an option for several years. Now that the latest video eyewear is lighter and compact, large-scale patient distraction with an audiovisual cinema experience becomes a reality. Only the popcorn is missing.

 Pain or pleasure
"It is all about focus" according to Dr. Rob Roef, dentist in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. "Patients that, only occasionally see, hear, taste and smell the things that happen in a dentistry tend to become very susceptible even for the more simple procedures." "The pain that people experience should not be minimised." "Some people are so frightened that they require anaesthetic treatment, or they simply do not seek necessary treatment until it is too late." "Facilitating and helping to get the patients' focus away from pain to pleasure pays off for both the patient and the dentist."

Some people are so frightened that they require anaesthetic treatment, or they simply do not seek necessary treatment until it is too late.
Newest video glasses
Video glasses have been on the market for years and the specifications have improved dramatically lately. Now the immersive virtual screen that the patient sees is an image of almost 1.5 metres at a distance of three metres, in VGA resolution. Adjustments of the nose support lead to optimum comfort levels. The new generation video eyewear has, along with a modernized look, become less bulky, so the dentist can do his work without the video eyewear turning into an obstacle. Dr. Roef notes:"Weighing only 65 grams the days of having something the size of a refrigerator on the patient's head are now gone."


Patient -- dentist communication maintained
Distraction is one thing, but does this imply that there won't be any communication anymore? With the latest video eyewear the patient continues to be able to have eye contact with the dentist by focusing the eyes above the video screen. The volume level is adjustable and using only one earphone, for example, ensures that the communication between patient and dentist is maintained.

RelaxView 5.0 Dental Pack
Exclusively for the dental market, relaxView B.V. assembled a patient distraction package that suits the needs of the patient and the dentist. The latest premium pair of video glasses, together with a portable DVD player, model Discman and a disposable hygiene set makes the dental office a more relaxed place to be. Further information is available on

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A scientific study called 'Effects of audiovisual distraction during dental prophylaxis', JADA, July 2001, contained the following conclusion: "All of the patients who completed this study said they would prefer to use the audiovisual eyeglasses again while in dental procedures."
Click here for the study

About relaxView B.V.
Founded in 2005 and operating from the Netherlands, relaxView B.V. is a leading provider of high-quality video eyewear solutions. relaxView B.V. selects the newest video eyewear so costumers no longer has to compromise between tiny images on a small screen or larger images on a heavy screen to get a true large-screen experience.

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