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Bango and Adversitement partnership combines Omniture web analytics with Bango’s mobile analytics

Bango and Adversitement partnership combines  Omniture web analytics with Bango’s mobile analytics van Adversitement

Door: Adversitement  17-11-2008

“Providing a combined solution is a real need for our clients. We’re excited to be able to meet this by providing Bango’s best of bread mobile analytics solution and the leading analytics platform from Omniture in an easily accessible tool,” said Matthijs Keij, Business Consultant at Adversitement.


Omniture’s SiteCatalyst presents detailed web metrics to help review campaigns and website effectiveness. More recently this has expanded to include some mobile metrics which are complimented and extended by Bango’s mobile analytics solution. Bango’s technology enables individual identification of mobile visitors to provide an accurate visitor count, which can also be used by digital marketers to personalize their offering.  Details such as network, country and device type are recorded to build a real picture of visitors to a mobile website, with mobile campaign analysis and conversion rate data helping to build a detailed picture of website performance and mobile marketing ROI.


“We see many companies with PC websites who are embracing mobile as a key element of their marketing strategy. These metrics sit perfectly together to standardize the use of web analytics and the analysis of campaign performance across channels.  This helps to monitor integrated campaigns and provide a direct comparison of ROI and conversion rates between PC and mobile web,” said Anil Malhotra, SVP Marketing & Alliances at Bango.


About Bango

Bango delivers the technology that makes the mobile web simple for everyone. Bango created the world's first global exchange for the mobile web. By providing a common integration point for brands, businesses and individuals, Bango removes the complexities that make the mobile web difficult to exploit.

Bango has offices in USA and UK and is quoted on the London Stock Exchange (AIM:BGO). Learn more at


About Adversitement

Adversitement is a full service e-marketing consultancy specializing in web analytics and customer intelligence. With a proven experience in over 100 implementations, Adversitement assists organizations in the entire process, from technical implementation to optimization, supported by training (Omniture Authorized Training Centre) with the goal to increase turnover. Besides the quantitative research, we have the tools and knowledge to do qualitative research. This combination of highly developed knowledge, experience, technical innovation and specifically selected (self-developed) products such as KPI portals, make Adversitement unique in its market and a web analytics partner in Europe. Learn more at

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