Priting Carpets

Door: Bob Mats  24-04-2007

Bob Mats has taken printing carpets to the next level. Up till now carpet for digital inkjet printing was standard polyamide carpet that was not ideal for inkjet pritning. Although some companies sell these carpets as specially developed for this market fact remains the just take a standard carpet from the rack.

Bob Mats has been active in the field of carpet and mats for over 17 years and is specialized in product development. First we looked at inkjet, it's possibilities and limitations, than we looked at carpet and different fibers and constructions.

Inkjet uses UV, solvent or sublimation (disperse) dyes. The first 2 can be used to print on carpet but will only give short lasting quality, maximum 6 month's. The colours are also not very bright and deep blacks are difficult to achive.

Using sublimation disperse dyes would give the best result. But as said before most carpet uses a polyamide fiber and and everyone knows that sublimation and polyamide is not a good match. It will work but fastness of colours is very poor.

We selected a brand new carpet fiber called PTT. PTT is a modified polyester and has all the advantages of polyester. But more important, PTT likes sublimation dyes and fastness are on a very high, even automoitve level.

At the moment the carpet is available in 400 cm width, but it can be cut to smaller sizes.

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