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Door: Rockstage Management  05-04-2008



Born in the Scottish borders, Sincy always had an interest in music and performance. He soon realized that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He joined “The Honey badgers” in 2001 and it soon proved that his strong vocal character, soulful moody approach and emotive lyrical pitch were the perfect complement to the diverse musical repertoire of the band. He has always been a big fan of Nirvana (Kurt rest in peace!!), Metallica and Incubus. He uses Sennheiser microphones & would like to perform at the Royal Albert Hall.

“We are good friends having fun in what we do and I hope the rest will be history”




Brian, who was born in Jedburgh, started playing the drums when he was inspired by the obligatory High School punk scene.
He always had empathy for real bands, bands that create and perform their own music.
His favourite bands include Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Live, Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
He uses Pearl, Paiste, Aquarian and Vic Firth.
He would someday like to play on the hallowed turf at Hampden Park.

“We do our own thing….. and do it with passion, heart and soul”



Simon started playing the guitar at the age of 14.
After a few years he was introduced into playing the bass. He soon realized he had more affinity with the bass than with the guitar. He likes playing with a Washburn Bass in combination with Fender amplification. Born in Glasgow, he joined the Border band “The Honey badgers” 8 years ago.
One day he hopes to return to Glasgow, but this time to play in his favorite venue, Carling Academy. His influences can be found in Alter Bridge, Guns n Roses, HiM, Led Zeppelin, Live and U2

“I just love the vibe of what we do together as a band and I have a quest to share this with the rest of the world”




Jimi, who was also born in Glasgow, started learning how to play the guitar after he heard Angus “AC/DC” Young. After a few years of playing just as hard and fast as his idol, he mellowed down.
He became more influenced by the late great Randy Rhoads. Randy Rhoads had it all: technique, melody and most importantly……soul. That is when he became more interested in the arrangement side of song writing, playing for the song at all times.
Jimi likes to play with Gibson, Fender and Marshall
His gets his influences from bands like U2, Creed and Pearl Jam What he loves about The Honey Badgers is that they are not afraid to try out anything. And one day he hopes that all this will bring him back to Glasgow, where he would like to play in his favorite venue ABC.

“We do not want to sound like any other band, we just have fun being ourselves”