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Selected drug and nutraceutical products for Vietnam

Door: Westwijk Pharmaceutics  24-02-2009

We are DO HA Pharmaceutical Company Limited, specialized in marketing and sales of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and other healthcare products. Our dedicated sales force incorporates resilient, disciplined and proactive sales reps, supervisors, managers and split into different sales teams, pharmacies, GPs and hospitals. With our expertise in local market requirement we are making effective launching campaign for products of foreign manufacturers. 


We are now having several orders from local central hospitals for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Our order would be of significant volume and on a regular basis (usually twice yearly). Upon settling the price (CIF sea to Haiphong port ) we would register the products with Vietnam Drug Administration for a long-term business.

Pls advise if you could send us your complete list of products for export for our reference


For more information pls contact dong.duy.tran  ( at )



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