Animatie productie

Animatie productie van 5am Fox Studios

Door: 5am Fox Studios  21-08-2015
Trefwoorden: amsterdam, Reclame, Zakelijke Dienstverlening

We are passionate about storytelling and character development. Working in both traditional and digital animation, we find the right medium to tell your story the way you want it, whether it is through 3D animation, stop-motion, motion graphics or interactive presentation.

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Visual Effects (VFX) voor film van 5am Fox Studios thumbnail

Visual Effects (VFX) voor film

We work in all categories of Visual Effects: Matte paintings and set extensions, Live-action effects (such as Chroma keying), Digital animation and Digital effects to bring the right effect to your production.


Stop Motion animatie

Working closely with our clients, we design, rig and build amazing characters, sets and props.

2D animatie van 5am Fox Studios thumbnail

2D animatie

We have over 15 years of experience in this type of storytelling. Working closely with our clients, we can design the characters complete with their visual world in as short as 1 weeks’ time.

3D animaties van 5am Fox Studios thumbnail

3D animaties

Equipped with a powerful, full-range studio with the latest hard- and software necessary for 3D, we have everything we need to create that stunning 3D production.