Stop Motion animatie

Door: 5am Fox Studios  21-08-2015
Trefwoorden: Animatie Studio, Character Design, Stop Motion

Dating back to over a hundred years, stop-motion is the oldest form of animation. We happen to be extremely passionate about this medium and develop both commissioned and own productions that stand out of the crowd. Our studio is equipped with the latest tools and technology needed to create state of the art animations. Working closely with our clients, we design, rig and build amazing characters, sets and props. To record, we use Digital Still Canon cameras with a wide range of lenses, including Zeiss and Russian retro lenses to create that old-school vintage “in the camera” effect. This technology, paired up with our savvy creativity enables us to animate in all sorts of different materials; from paper to clay to the most high-tech materials around. We have even stop-motion animated human characters. Imagination is the limit really, and ours isn’t ending any time soon.

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