Visual Effects (VFX) voor film

Visual Effects (VFX) voor film van 5am Fox Studios

Door: 5am Fox Studios  21-08-2015
Trefwoorden: Montage, Film Productie, Film

Visual Effects play a very important role in numerous productions. VFX bring your film or TV project to the next level, generating computer imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be too dangerous, expensive, impractical or simply impossible to capture on film. Think of toy monsters running around in a real airplane, or a Porsche exploding (now that would have been a pricey shot!), all of this is possible with Visual Effects, and we can do it. We work in all categories of Visual Effects: Matte paintings and set extensions, Live-action effects (such as Chroma keying), Digital animation and Digital effects to bring the right effect to your production. Post-production facilities such as editing, compositing and colour grading (using DaVinci Resolve) are all available in-house on our own systems.

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