AdsNGames, turn your games in to an ad venture

Door: Adsngames Ingame Advertising  13-08-2007
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AdsNGames, turn your casual games into an ad venture

In-game advertising made easy and profitable, for publishers, game providers and advertisers

AdsNGames, the first integrated platform for ingame advertising

Turn your flash games into a profitable ad venture. AdsNGames In-game advertising platform enables you to earn a sustainable income without any investment. Just sign up your best casual games and use our API to enhance your business. In just a few clicks you can gain popularity, improve your games functionality and start making money

AdsNGames launched its beta version of the first integrated ingame advertising solution for advertisers, publishers and game providers. The ingame advertising platform has been developed by Gamedoubler ltd. in close cooperation with ad agencies, site owners and game publishers. The AdsNGames service is set up to match the needs of game developers, publishers and advertisers alike. It enables participants in the network to utilize games for brand activation and to intensify the bond between brand and audience. AdsNGames offers a viable business model for all parties engaged in ingame advertising.

Cost per player ( CPP)
The business model is based upon an unique cost per player (cpp) model that allows advertisers to pinpoint their ad spendings to player demographics. Whether you have a ton to spend on a broad ranging international campaign or just a small budget to reach that niche market; Ads/N/Games offers the tools to do it.  Advertisers only pay for for each player plays the game. Revenues for site owner and publishers consists of up to 40% of the media budgets spent on the games published on their sites. Game developers and game publishers receive 25% of the media budget spend.

The Ads/N/Games platform offers advertisers the opportunity to turn every flash based game into an effective branding tool. Using the online campaign manager various forms of in game advertising can be selected to stimulate and facilitate interaction with targeted audiences. Advertising options range from dynamically inserted ads at various game stages to ingame product placement and sponsoring multiplayer tournaments across multiple game portals.

AdsNGames profitable ingame advertising for Game providers and Game Developers

Turn your games into a profitable ad venture

In-game advertising enables you to earn a sustainable income without any investment. Just sign up your best games and use the  AdsNGames API to enhance your business. In just a few clicks you can gain popularity, improve your games functionality and start making money.

AdsNGames game services includes:

  • Improved functionality for all your flash based games
  • Easier programming and enhanced game experience by using our API’s
  • Extensive exposure for your games on high traffic gaming communities and websites
  • Easy portfolio management including in-depth usage statistics and financial reports per game

Enhance your flash based casual games with AdsNGames  

In-game advertising is one of the strongest marketing tools available. The Ads/N/Games service is set up to match the needs of game developers, publishers and advertisers alike. You can see Ads/N/Games as the ‘Google Adwords’ network for in game advertising. Just like Google inserts ads into popular searches, we insert ads in popular games. Ads/N/Games offers an platform and a business model all parties, publishers, game developers and advertisers benefit from.

All games in the Ads/N/Games network have one common element: the Game Operation System. or (GOS). The GOS gathers information about all game players, regardless of the websites where the games are played. Thanks to Player's Statistics and their Profile's we can target our marketing campaigns very precisely and relevant to the targeted audience. Before any game is published, ads are pasted into the game dynamically. If the player's profile doesn't match any current running campaigns, other ads can be pasted into the game. Therefore, you always make money.

As a Game Provider, you will be able to use our free Game Operating System (GOS) . This GOS fulfils multiple roles. It not only tracks the valuable player data, it also adds additional functionality to your games. Features like high score competition, advanced sound control and customized navigation will enhance your games and turn them into instant community hits.

Sign up with AdsNGames and start your ad venture  

Taking advantage of the Ads/N/Games Network and the GOS features is easy. Simply create your personal developers account and supply the URL of the .swf file. Our GOS is pasted into the game dynamically. You are now ready for the next level in your game ad venture. Once you completed your developer profile and added your games tot the Ads/N/Games platform, all registered publishers will be able to publish your game on their websites. For each advertisement published within your game you will receive a fee. So one way or the other: you always make money. How much, depends on the popularity of your games.  

As a member of the Ads/N/Games network you can also profit from expert knowledge on game development and marketing. Our API’s will help you built better and more attractive games in less time


AdsNGames will come out of beta in september 2007 

Until September 1th, AdsNGames is in beta. Currently site owners and game publishers are adding their assets; games and sites, to the AdsNGames games portfolio and AdsNGames site network . As from September 1th, AdsNGames will deploy the first ingame advertising campaigns. From that moment on, AdsNGames will revolutionize the way brands communicate with their audiences. In just a few clicks advertisers, publishers and developers can unleash the powers of world wide gaming communities and turn them into an effective marketing vehicle for their website, game or brand campaign.

AdsNGames, ingame advertising network for publishers, game developers and advertisers




Additional information


Ads/N/Games is founded by GameDoubler ltd

For additional details and press inquiries please contact:

GameDoubler ltd  / Spindokters Interactive Mediators
Spuistraat 255a    1012 VR Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
CEO: Mark-Jan Hozee    tel: +31 6 51561411

CTO: Slavomir Ossowski,
Business Development: Dennis Bruin,

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