Water21 magazine and Aquatech to cooperate in global partnership

Door: Aquatechtrade  15-08-2008
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Key features of the agreement are that Water21 will prepare the exhibition daily newspaper for the Aquatech Amsterdam event and will provide news content for Aquatech’s event portal, www.aquatechtrade.com. Water21 is also designated as Aquatech’s Preferred Global Media Partner.

Expansion of online catalogue
The website www.aquatechtrade.com is Aquatech’s virtual marketplace for products, services and market information in the process, drinking and waste water industry. The partnership between Aquatech and Water21 results in the latest sector news being available on the portal website.

Strengthening each other
Each side recognises the strength of the other as a high quality brand in the water sector. The cooperation provides both sides with an opportunity to further enhance their respective positions. “We see in Aquatech a partner that has a leading position in exhibitions in the sector, and one whose ambitions match our own,” comments Keith Hayward, Editor of Water21. Marieke Leenhouts, Communications & PR manager of the Aquatech global events, adds: “Water21 is a highly professional publication. We think alike in our focus on key developments and issues affecting the water sector. Combined with its link to the IWA, Water21 makes for the perfect Preferred Global Media Partner.”

About Aquatech
Aquatech is a portfolio of the world’s leading trade exhibitions of process, drinking and waste water technology. The exhibition programme provides an extensive overview of the latest developments in the fields of water treatment, transport and storage, process control and process automation, and point of use. Aquatech is intended for professionals from all parts of the water industry and attracts policy-makers, specialists and those who apply the technology in practice. More information can be found at www.aquatechtrade.com.

The next editions of Aquatech are:
• Aquatech Amsterdam 2008: 30 September - 03 October 2008, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
• Aquaterra, Second World Forum on Delta & Coastal Development: 10-12 February 2009, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
• WQA Aquatech USA 2009: 17-21 March 2009, Chicago (Rosemont)(IL), USA
• Aquatech China 2009: 3 - 5 June, Shanghai, China

About Water21
Water21, the magazine of the International Water Association, provides a global perspective on the most important business, technology and environmental issues affecting the water sector worldwide. Water21 is published six times a year by IWA Publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IWA. Associated products include the IWA Yearbook, online information resources, market briefing reports, and the specialist publications Water Utility Management International and Water Asset Management International. IWA Publishing also publishes a comprehensive range of water sector books and journals delivered in print and online. See www.iwapublishing.com.

Note for the editor, not for publication
For more information, please contact Marieke Leenhouts, Communications & PR Manager of Amsterdam RAI. T +31(0)20 - 549 2327, e-mail: m.leenhouts@rai.nl.

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