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Door: Cap Novio S.A. | Strategic Investments & Trading Division - NL  22-02-2012
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Over the years Cap Novio S.A. companies' have been more involved with the research, development, planning and participation in (commercial) real estate projects. As partnered investment company Cap Novio S.A. is 'also' subscribing to projects developing custom and highly specialized projects for our partnered humanitarian organizations. We have been working with and for international groups in China, Africa, Asia, India, Europe, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Our primary goal is to utilize every resource we have to achieve results that makes us a unique organization that is geared to meet nearly every need our partnered organizations require. We and our subsidiary companies provide portfolio administration services to those seeking support in the management and reporting of their alternative investment portfolios.

- Construction & Commercial Real Estate financing
- Tax credit projects: construction, interim, permanent, bridge financing and equity investments for development of tax credit
- Credit enhancements: letters of credit and other products to support bond financing and/or other third-party transactions.
- Equity investments: investments in projects and equity funds developing affordable housing and retail properties.

We seek to assist our clients in creating liquidity, providing financial stability for operations while a new financial structure is put in place, and restoring confidence. We can act as a Joint Venture partner or as an agent on behalf of other corporate clients to access the capital markets or provide financing and M&A restructuring advisory to buyers of distressed companies and/or assets. 

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Trefwoorden: Project Financing

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