ageing, maintenance, service life, creep of coatings, polymers, etc.

Door: Composite Agency  29-04-2008
Trefwoorden: Wind Turbines, Locks, Ageing

Simulation Programme for Prediction of Chemical-Physical Behaviour of Advanced Polymer and Composite Materials

Current demand for rigorous and efficient material assessment in real life conditions, makes the use of advanced and reputable simulation programmes inevitable. To integrate diffusion and chemical corrosion phenomena with mechanical retention of polymer and composite materials, IDC-SAC is the appropriate software tool.

IDC-SAC stands for Instationary Diffusion & Corrosion Simulator for Advanced Composites. It is based on the concept of material mass change by diffusion with simultaneous alteration by phenomena like surface corrosion, internal adsorption and chemical degradation ("lagged" corrosion). Combined with embedded multilayer methodology and solubility thermodynamics, real life behaviour of complex and advanced materials is quantified rigorously.

In an industrial context, IDC-SAC is used for selection of appropriate coatings, adhesives, membranes, glass reinforced and laminate materials. Moreover, service/shelf life or material defects can be assessed. IDC-SAC can be used in combination with mechanically oriented software such as Ansys, Abaqus, MSC Marc and Comsol.

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