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The accessories of Isis du Jour are made out of a solid quality with fine details and a surprising lining. The collection distinguishes itself by using high quality natural materials like cotton, canvas, and leather. The aim is to use materials produced in an environmentally and socially-friendly manner for the production of the accessories. It is for the self-aware consumer who wants to distinguish himself from the masses, and who dares to wear his own style. On the bags are basic labels with chracteristic, tough, embroidered prints. You can easily change these basic-labels with seasonable new labels to give the accessories a personal twist. Isis du Jour is a combination of quality, exclusivity & functionality.

About Isis du Jour - the designer Isis du Jour has studied Fashion- and Textile Design for some years, on the Royal Art Academy, The Hague. There her passion for accessories was kindled. Untill now she has done creative jobs for different retail/fashion companies.
Besides her work, she has always occupied herself with the design and production of different accessories.
After an extensive trip through India she got the inspiration and motivation to follow her great passion and live her dream. Her passion for designing accessories, combined with the ability to support projects for children in India, is the big engine behind her company.
For many years she dreamed of developing her own collection of accessories, and now finally that time has arrived. She is proud to let you discover her unique collection of accessories, made in India.

Charity projects in India Isis du Jour combines her passion for designing accessories with the ability to support projects for children in India. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the collection of accessories will be used to support projects in India. Her first project she will support will be the Mother Theresa Special School in Udumalpet, a school for mentally disabled children in a small village in Tamil Nadu, a Southern state of India.

Collection Fall & Winter 2008-2009 The collection for Fall & Winter 2008-2009 contains: handbags, A4bags, laptopbags, babybags
and other accessories (wallet, musicplayer-pocket etc.). The bags are provided with seperate pockets attached with shining, metal hooks on leather straps. The accessory can be used in its complete shape, or by removing the pockets it can be turned in to a complete different model which can be used for many other occasions.
All accessories are available in 3 colors: off-white, army green & black.
The different labels are available in the following styles: Oriental Expression; rich of colors, inspired on Eastern traditions & expressions, Fragile Dreams; a bit of romance, pastel-colors, ton-sur-ton, Streetworlds; willful, tough, unisex.

Possibility: custom-made Labels
An extra oppurtunity for companies are the custom-made labels. These labels can be made with a corporate text or logo, so that the bag that will be used in the working-area suits the expression and identity of the company itself.

For more details visit: or call Isis du Jour 00.31.641.356.466

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