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Door: The United Universe  19-05-2007

Poverty, injustice, environmental pollution, terrorism. People see so much suffering that they become almost immune to it. What can you do about it as an individual? Well, at the foundation of The United Universe, everyone can make a difference. The United Universe offers a platform for people who want to contribute to a better world. In The United Universe, people join hands to identify world problems. Moreover The United Universe profiles itself especially as a place to solve problems. Jointly, visitors to the site find solutions for local, national and international problems. Collective intelligence (united strength) makes everything possible.

The United Universe is occupied with:

Problems in the sectors of: humans and animals, environment, food, poverty, injustice, terrorism and science.
A change is taking place. More and more people are realising that the world can go under if we do not take rapid action. The United Universe offers every individual the possibility to actively contribute in finding solutions for small-scale problems as well as global issues.

This is how The United Universe works:

All activities are concentrated on the Internet. The internet site offers people around the whole world the possibility to bring worldwide problems to attention and to discuss them with each other. Friends of The United Universe can think along and offer their help. They can introduce solutions to important problems in today’s society.

It is not jut talking:

Everyone who visits the site will be addressed on his or her role of responsibility. The project management is in the hands of students all over the world. In this way they have the possibility to acquire work experience, make changes in the world which are very important for their future, and to gain study-credits. All projects can be followed live 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on the site at ‘Project coordination’.


The United Universe would like to welcome you as head sponsor or benefactor of The United Universe This brand-new site contributes to a better world with a unique concept. As an authoritative (inter)national organisation you often receive a lot of attention from the media. Unfortunately, this is not always news that illuminates your best side. With sponsorship or donor-ship from The United Universe you can show that the problems of the world do not leave you unmoved.

The Deal:

To contribute to a better world, first we have to clean the old mess. The United Universe is able and willing to help clean up the old mess in the world! The Internet site, The United Universe is set up as a point of reference for worldly and local problems, but was specifically developed as a place where these problems could be solved.

The structure of the internet site:

For each of the 237 independent states and self-regulating countries of the world, The United Universe has developed an Internet site plus a separate database for registering and categorising all the worldly and local problems! That means there are 237 galleries, containing problem issues that have been registered by local people. These people also choose the problem that needs to be tackled first, using the referendum tool. Once a month, the most urgent or poignant problem is discussed and turned into a project plan. The project plan lists the necessary changes, how to implement these, and most importantly, who will implement them! This is made possible through on-line Q&A sessions. The project management en the coordination of all projects is handled by local students! This way, they have the opportunity to gain experience and make changes to the world they live in. It also enables them to gain ‘studying points’. All projects can be followed live, 24/7, on the project coordination website.

Please help now!

If The United Universe gets the support, time and opportunities it needs to do its work, all the problems in our world can be solved :-). It goes without saying, that the problems cannot be solved all at once, but by taking many little steps The United Universe will have the strength to actually mean something in our world. We therefore need your unconditional support and trust. So support The United Universe as long as you can please! Thanks in advance.

Why choose The United Universe?

There are problems everywhere in the world! Students and Internet are the future, computers are becoming cheaper and more user-friendly all the time and an increasing number of people has access to the digital world. Think of “100 dollar laptops” with an internal power supply that are donated to people in third world countries.


The United Universe has a need for financial support. Do you subscribe to our objectives and do you want to help? We will be helped if you make a donation or want to contribute to the company. Of course, you as a company (or private individual) will get something in return.


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