Interactive Medical animation in Holland

Interactive Medical animation in Holland van Visualmedics Medical Illustration, Interaction, Communication

Door: Visualmedics Medical Illustration, Interaction, Communication  15-11-2006

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 2006
“The first time I entered an operation room many years ago, I was so impressed by the views that I needed to go home and draw what I had seen, then needed to go back and see it again. Colours and tissues had such a fascinating effect on my mind and were a great source of inspiration for my medical drawings. This strong fascination held me to this profession”.
Today VISUALMEDICS, founded by the Italian born medical illustrator Lara Laghetto, has become an international network of freelancers that turns medical content into effective interaction and e-learning environments for specialized and lay audiences.
It is proven that Anatomy and its structures are best visualized through interactive experiences. Students in medicine and lay people, wishing to learn specific concepts, increase their retention capabilities by learning in interactive environments. The current trend in the educational sector is to enhance these experiences and make them accessible. Today’s students can benefit from this type of learning.

But why has this knowledge not yet been applied to the medical educational field? Medical content is less visually effective than it could be and does not fully convey its educational value if it doesn’t make use of good quality graphics in combination with animation. VISUALMEDICS is keen to experiment with new approaches to learning in an attempt to improve this crucial aspect of education. What makes VISUALMEDICS unique is a specialized approach to medical communication using 2D visualization in the form of interactive animations. Forming an essential bridge between the disciplines of illustration and interaction design, VISUALMEDICS use Flash software to create visuals that target audiences via the Internet with the advantages of having access to a wide range of unique in-house illustration portfolios.

Client communication still relies on traditional structures. These structures build relationships on a personal basis. Working together and collaborating tightly with doctors and project-managers has proven to generate excellent results. However VISUALMEDICS claims that the same results can be generated via interactive Internet solutions. It is continuously looking towards communication channels that have minimal impact on physical boundaries, aiming at establishing a bond with the client that can last for years. The services offered by VISUALMEDICS undoubtedly show characteristics of fresh graphic design fused with specialist knowledge, creating clear and creative communication methods with a broad insight.

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