English MMO game 'Luna Online' enters closed beta...

Door: Mmo Games  19-04-2009
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“We’ve been behind the scenes,in the preparation phase of ‘Luna Online’ for quite some time now,” said Elliott Coward, the MMO game’s producer. “It is a real pleasure to finally present our hard work and dedication to our users! With our focus squarely on the MMO community, our users will be right at home for quite some time at ‘Luna Online.’ I’m looking forward to seeing our community’s reaction to the game.”

Sorry, MMO developer Gala Net; this title’s WAY beyond my cute threshold for me to spend any kind of time checking it out. To their credit, though, a 23 year-old male who desires nothing more than travel coast to coast on a black Harley Davidson motorcycle probably isn’t even close to the target demographic.

Even though I’m not a part of this beta, I’d still love to hear what you guys think of it, so head on over to our mmo games site; http://www.mmorpgmmorpg.com and let us know!

Posted by Kyle Stallock

April 18th, 2009

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