Grützmacher document processing machines introduced new table top envelope inserter.

Grützmacher document processing machines introduced new table top envelope inserter. van Grützmacher Document Processing Machines

Door: Grützmacher Document Processing Machines  21-07-2008
Trefwoorden: Mail, Processing, Vergaren

Easy, this name is not a coincidence. Quick adjusting and simple rearranging are the keywords in development of this envelope inserter. Adjusting the Easy envelope inserter from a C4 job to a US envelope job will not take more than 4 minutes. The Easy envelope stuffing machine is a real production machine but with the price tag of a smaller table-top machine. This machine is especially meant for the smaller users but is also suitable for bigger post rooms, outsourcing company’s, insurance company’s, printing company’s and the smaller professional mail houses.

"With this new machine, Grützmacher is giving a answer on the demands of our customers." according to Mr. Timo van der Ploeg, Sales Manager Grützmacher. "We have noticed that our current range of envelope inserters were at quit some occasions a little bit to big for the customers demands. Especially at customers that wants to start with envelope inserting or with a limited amount of production on a year base. With the introduction of this machine we are able to increase our market and we sure have noticed this according the enthusiastic reactions last month. The Easy envelope inserter can process up to 3 million envelopes per year, but because of the attractive pricing it is for our customers already profitable at a much lower number production per year. We would like to invite you all to come and see this machine, it will surely will be worth your invested time."

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