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Door: Grützmacher Document Processing Machines  21-07-2008
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New Grützmacher Cayenne mail processing machine
With a speed of 16,000 cycles per hour, envelope formats from DIN C6 to C4, the Cayenne mail processor from Grützmacher System is the most sophisticated in the range of all the Grützmacher envelope inserting systems. The new controlling concept with servo technology gives even greater flexibility. Intelligent error handling allows the machine to make decisions which would then enable throughputs to be maintained at the highest possible level. The extensive range of feeder types, the inserts can be fed in from the top or bottom with pushing or manual feeders, as well as with suction with or without folding, means the Cayenne is ideally suited to a wide range of applications which also include direct mail and transactional mail, also known as transpromomail. Up to 17 supplement feeder stations can be integrated as modules and can also be added at a later time. The machine’s ability to adapt to the type of paper feed required provides the flexibility it offers. The modular design of the stations even enables customers to re-arrange the order of the insert feeder stations in order to meet their own requirements.

Gathering machines, whole range envelope inserters and stand-alone feeders
Grützmacher System is based in Dorsten, Germany, and was present at the Drupa 2008. Grützmacher showed all systems at the Drupa. Complete gathering machines, a whole range of envelope inserters, from small office machines to productions inserting systems and a complete new range of stand-alone feeders which can be placed on either new or already existing machines.

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