Earthrise MMORPG Lead Game Designer Interview

Door: Spil Games  22-12-2008
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Questions by Rick Charbs, Onrpg writer
Answered by: Apostol Apostolov, Lead Game Designer
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We at Onrpg were glad to hold an interview with Earthrise’s lead game designer, Apostol Apostolov. A game currently under development, Earthrise is sure to dazzle gamers with its unique crafting and player vs. player systems, with elements that render the game almost limitless. Get ready for an interesting gaming experience, as it is almost ready for the public: “…the [closed beta] sign up process starts at the end of December” explained Apostol.

Onrpg: Could you please briefly explain the setting of the game?

Earthrise is set in the future, where the conflict for Earth’s remaining resources has led the most powerful ruling corporations into a self-destructive war that threatens civilization. Facing extinction of the human race, the western corporations funded the project Continoma, which was created to store human genome and memory matrix on the private Pacific island of Enterra. The Continoma project would make it possible to clone humans back to life when the conditions on the planet were habitable once again.

Centuries later, humans emerged from the depths of the cloning vaults to reclaim what once was lost, but are faced with the challenge of mutant threat that has taken over the island. As the survivors set foot firmly by pushing back against the mutants, they built the magnificent city of Sal Vitas and put all government control in the hands of the Continoma, a corporation bearing the name of the project that now promises to advance humanity and avoid the mistakes of the past.

Cloning became widespread and humanity met immortality. Fearing the government had been corrupted by the power it yielded, the opposition staged a coup that failed to achieve its goal but managed to unite the opposition together into a faction called Noir. Using guerilla tactics to weaken its opponent and sabotage its expansion across the island, Noir attempted to disrupt the actions of Continoma and weaken its grip on the citizens. Only after Noir achieved independence by stealing the secret of cloning, did they finally step up into the conflict.

Now, as the tension grows between the two sides, players emerge into the game world as newly cloned individuals, free to decide which side of the conflict to take on.(...)

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