Total Management of security- and access control solutions in the EMEA regions.

Total Management of security- and access control solutions in the EMEA regions. van Security Integrators Group

Door: Security Integrators Group  17-01-2008
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The Security Integrators Group (SIG) is your partner in Management, consultancy, providing and installing security solutions throughout the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. We value quality and service which is our highest priority.

SIG-EMEA is a strong International organisation with a team of experienced specialist and partners in the security and access control market. This professional organisation works with its team in the region of flexible concepts for various target groups. Out of her assessment in the security market, they offer to certified wholesalers, national and internationally, the possibility to operate with integrated access control technology solutions. Our years of experience, know how and cooperation with various partners makes that SIG-EMEA can offer you the best solutions for Integrated Systems. We are specialised in security solutions in the broadest sense of the word, such as camera systems, burglary systems, access control systems, barriers, such as boom barriers and entrance gates etc. We also gladly provide you with professional advice. SIG-EMEA can deliver the consultancy and design, the engineering, supply and in cooperation with certified partners based throughout the EMEA region, the installation and service for a wide range of systems and products. All our management services can be tracked and traced through our web portal, where we will update you with the latest details on your project status, order, status of your service call etc. Modern systems can be integrated with each other. ICT, Security Management and Facility Management are combined with each other. SIG-EMEA works system-undependable. Our vast industrial experience, our flexible hard- and software partners, enables SIG-EMEA to provide a professional solution to virtually any requirement.
We look at your specific environment, your processes and organization, and we inventory your wishes to come to the right system choice.
Complete access-control solutions from 1 door until 250.000 users. On-line access-control and alarm management software. Proximity, smart-card technology, biometric for finger, hand or iris. Everything integrated with the complementary security products as CCTV, Cash register integration, burglary, fire and building management systems.
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