Coolchain seminar Hortifair Rair

Coolchain seminar Hortifair Rair van J. Van De Put Fresh Cargo Handling

Door: J. Van De Put Fresh Cargo Handling  07-09-2007
Trefwoorden: Bloemen, Koel, Hortifair

“Cool flowers make more Money,
working together to get the best cool chain”

You are invited to join us for a seminar that tells you how you can make more value of your flowers.
A proper cool chain from farm to auction or wholesaler maintains the quality of your flowers.
This will generate more value to all parties in the flower business!
In this seminar you will learn where things can go wrong and how all parties involved can help create a better cool chain.
In other words; don’t miss it!
Host of the seminar: Mr. Johan van de Put himself

The speakers will be:
Mr. Jeroen van Hulst, Director of Flowerwatch
Mr. Rogier van Beugen, Commercial Director Perishables at Air France-KLM Cargo
Mr. Jur Leijen, Director Export at J. van de Put Fresh Cargo Handling
Mr. Frans Vonk, Director at Binnendijk Bree BV, survey & expertise agency

Date: October 10, 2007
Time: Sandwiches at 7.30 A.M.
Start at 8.30 A.M.
Venue: Amsterdam RAI
Breakfast served in the First Floor Restaurant
Seminar will be held in conference room B
There will be no entrance fee!
So sign up now via: [email protected]
Signing up is required before September 25.
Pre-registration required, so unless you already have an entrance ticket signing up is required to enter.

This seminar is organized by J. van de Put Fresh Cargo Handling in concert with Flowerwatch and Binnendijk Bree BV.

Trefwoorden: Bloemen, Coolchain, Flowerwatch, Hortifair, Koel,

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