amazing print results on new dyesubcarpet BY

amazing print results on new dyesubcarpet BY van Printing Carpets Nederland BV

Door: Printing Carpets Nederland BV  27-04-2007
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Printing Carpets
Printing on carpet with wide format printers

Printing on carpet is rather difficult. You have to deal with advantages and disadvantages of print capacities, inks and substrates. To find the right combination requires a lot of investigation and knowledge of the specific behaviour of the substrate, completed with the development of the best ink and printer behaviour. Printing Carpets, based in Amsterdam, have found the right combination.


Companies that develop Wide Format Printing equipment sometimes deliver their own carpets, but have to deal with carpet factories that are not very familiar with this kind of applications and specifications such as B1,M3 and Fr. The market was often too small to develop specific products, because printing on carpet was still a niche market. Now there are more and more printing machines that can initially print on carpets, there are also more possibilities to be profitable in this market segment by developing specific, printable carpets with excellent behaviour.

Lots of effort
Printing Carpets last years investigated a lot of time in developing the best carpet for print production companies that like to print on carpets and to find the right combination. Now the company sells exclusively for the digital printing market a perfect carpet, optical white carpet with a 4mm cord and 5 mm including backing that can be used in production printing on wide format devices.

One of the printing production companies that is using and testing this carpet is Van Straaten in Boesingherliede, a famous silkscreen printer and digital printer in The Netherlands. They use the white polyamide carpet on their NUR Blueboard and there jeti equipment by gandinnovations USA. Printing Carpets is now in Europe a well known solvent carpet supplier with a very strong cargo. For The USA you can contact us by email or fax for our Distributer.

Printing Carpets is fully supported by Matan printers, NUR and Vutek and they have also perfect results with this media for info please visit MatanPrinters, NUR & Vutek and you find al the ICC info you need. The carpet is fully tested on the latest nur expedio en vutek machines.

We deliver the carpets in different widths of 5.00, 4.00, 3.20, 1.80 and 1.60 metres and other sizes for special applications. The walking metres are 25 m1 on a roll but in production we can change this very easy for special customer demands. The total thickness is about 5 mm.

In stock
Now, we are specialized in producing and supplying carpets for the large format digital market. We have the exclusive distribution rights for these specially manufactured carpets within Europe. All carpets are tested on different digital printers now available on the printing market, Vutek efi, Nur, Scitex etc etc.

Although Printing Carpets specializes at the moment in white printable carpets, it also has polyester carpet for the sublimation printers, and tiles 50 x 50 cm where you can print and sublimate on.

Our distributor in the United States is:

Ultraflex Systems, Inc.
1578 Sussex Turnpike
Building # 4
Randolph, NJÊ 07869
973-627-8608 Ext. 115Ê Office
973-627-8506 Fax

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