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Door: Printing Carpets Nederland BV  21-05-2007
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Product information

Printing Carpets are specialists in white printable carpets for superwide applications. These carpets give you the power to offer high quality photo realistic images of up to 5 meters in width.

We are manufacturing and supplying these carpets especially for large format digital and sublimation printers. All carpets are delivered on a 3 inch core, and are fully tested and supported on all possible digital-UV and sublimation printers now available in the digital wide format industry. All the carpets have the the right certifications and specifications such as B1, M3 and Fr for all countries in Europe and the USA.

Product / Media :
Solvent Carpet:
25m1 x 180/320/500 (AB/FR)

Sublimation Carpet: 25m1 x 400 (AB/FR)
Bar Runners: Artwork Material Sizes

Solvent tiles: 50 x 50 / 100 x 100
Sublimation tiles: 50 x 50 / 100 x 100
Logomats: These mats are available in different sizes, in a maximum size of 2 x 8 m1, with rubber edges, backing 100% nitril rubber

For higher quantities we need 7 production days after.receiving the order by fax or e-mail
All products are on a 3 inch core and colour white

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